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Welcome to the Theo Academy blog archive, your hub for laser welding insights. Here, we cover topics like safety protocols, welding techniques, and the latest industry news. Dive into our resources to deepen your understanding of laser welding, whether you’re refining your skills or just starting out. Stay informed and ahead in your craft with Theo Academy.


A Guide to Handheld Laser Welding

Explore handheld laser welding with THEO's application specialist Harrison Shoup. Understand key considerations for integrating this technology, from equipment costs to safety setup. This guide offers insights into laser welding's benefits and challenges, providing a straightforward view on its role in modern manufacturing and safety. The Evolution of Handheld Laser Welding Laser welding was first achieved in a lab setting more than fifty years ago, yet it has only been within the last decade that handheld laser welding tools have ...
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Laser Welding vs. Traditional Welding: A Modern Welder’s Guide 

In the welding industry, a significant challenge is the scarcity of skilled talent. Traditional welding techniques like TIG and MIG often require years of experience to master. However, modern advancements, particularly handheld laser welding, offer a solution that can be learned in weeks, not years. This article, authored by Joe Dallarosa, explores the fundamental differences between traditional welding methods and laser welding, helping welders understand how this modern technique can enhance productivity and profitability. Modern Options for Welding: Photons vs ...
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Laser Welding Safety

Welding Safety: Traditional Methods vs. Handheld Laser Welding

Join us on THEO’s blog where expert Joe Dallarosa examines welding safety, comparing traditional methods versus handheld laser welding. Discover essential safety measures and understand the risks associated with each technique, offering a clear perspective on maintaining safe welding environments in both traditional and modern settings. In this article we will focus on three different facets of welding: conventional electrical welding, laser welding, and the working environment where this welding is taking place.  To further limit the scope of this article ...
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MA1 Laser Welding Torch

Navigating Laser Welding: Advantages and Challenges

Join us on THEO’s blog for an insightful exploration into laser welding with expert Joe Dallarosa. Discover the advantages and navigate the challenges of this transformative technology. This balanced examination sheds light on laser welding’s impact on industry standards, offering a clear view of its efficiency and limitations. Laser welding has been in the industry for more than fifty years and has been introduced as a handheld welder in the past 5 years or more. Some of the early adopters ...
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A Brief History of Welding

Join us on THEO’s blog for our monthly series on the evolving landscape of welding, where history, tradition, and innovation intersect. This month, we're honored to have Joe Dallarosa starting this series by offering his insights into the historical depths of welding. It's an invitation to journey with us through the transformative world of welding. The process of joining metals, welding, existed far before imagery of hooded welders creating bright arcs. Welding is an ancient technology continuously being improved. Utilizing ...
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