Introducing the Perfect Companion to Your MA1 Series:

Theo Wire Feeder

Seamless Integration, Flawless Performance – Because We Weren't Satisfied with What Was Out There.

Discover a new level of welding excellence with our specialized wire feeder, engineered exclusively for the MA1 Series. Created to fill the gaps left by other wire feeders, ours delivers an instant, flawlessly synchronized wire supply for continuous welding. It’s the integrated, tailor-made solution you’ve been seeking, and it’s only available as part of the MA1 Series package.

Purpose-Built for the MA1 Series to Elevate Deep Welding Capabilities, Supporting Wire Diameters of 1.0/1.2/1.6/0.8mm.

In Perfect Sync

Enjoy unparalleled control as the wire feeder and MA1 welding machine operate in flawless harmony.

Immediate Wire Supply

No delays, no hiccups—just immediate wire feeding for uninterrupted welding.

Developed in-house

To address the shortcomings of existing wire feeders on the market.

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