The Future of Welding is Here: Laser Technology

Experience unparalleled accuracy and cost-savings with our advanced laser welding solutions.

Advantages of Laser Welding with the THEO MA1 Series

Laser welding offers a game-changing approach to joining metals, outperforming traditional methods like TIG and MIG welding in several key areas. With laser welding, you can achieve up to 4x faster welding speeds, significantly boosting productivity and profitability. The technology allows for unparalleled precision, resulting in high-quality welds with minimal heat-affected zones and reduced porosity. Unlike traditional methods, laser welding is easy to learn and operate, making it an ideal solution for both seasoned and novice welders. It’s the future of welding, designed to meet today’s demands for efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Traditional welding methods Handheld laser welding

Welding Speed


Up to 4 times faster than TIG

Welding Quality
Highly dependent on user experience Welding seams can be rough, irregular and require rework and polishing

Consistent high-quality results. Beautiful and neat welding seams, deep molten pool and high strength. No cleaning neccessary.

Training & Learning Curve

Difficult to learn

Easy – Train in less than one hour. Proficiency in 1-2 weeks.

Heat affected zone



Material Distortion & Deformation


Very Low

Welding Seam Damage
Potential for Porosity, lack of consistency

Uniform melt pool and great consistency

Energy Consumption


Low up to 80% reduction in electricity costs

High welding wire consumption

Precise wire consumptions supported by wired feeding system.

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