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Is laser welding safe?

MA1 Safety Features for Unmatched Protection

The MA1 series is engineered with a range of safety features to prioritize user safety during operation. 

It incorporates a double-secured contact sensor that permits operation only when the trigger is in hand contact and the welding torch in contact with the workpiece. For immediate system shutdown in case of safety concerns, it is equipped with an emergency off button. 

The system can also be connected to a door switch interlock circuits that can be linked to the welding room doors, ensuring the device safely shuts down if someone enters during operation. 

To prevent unauthorized or accidental operation, the MA1 series is fitted with a safety key lock, further enhancing its operational safety.

Safety Recommendations: 
From Machine to Operator

While the ideal scenario for operating the MA1 series is in a separate room, necessary safety can also be achieved with the use of laser safety curtains.
Appropriate laser safety glasses are needed to protect the operator’s eyes during the welding process. We also recommend the use of gloves, long sleeves, and appropriate work boots for additional protection.

In some countries, including Germany, a designated laser safety officer is required within the company to ensure all safety protocols are being followed. It’s important to note that safety regulations can vary by region.

Our solution expert partners are well-versed in local safety requirements and are more than happy to guide you through the safety protocols applicable in your specific region, ensuring your operations are both safe and compliant.

In this videos, Andreas Kaiser delves into how we, along with our expert partners, assist customers in implementing comprehensive safety operations for a secure welding environment. 

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